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Abstract Paint



 Mixed Media and Collage Art

"Collage is the noble conquest of the irrational, the coupling of two realities, irreconcilable in appearance, upon a plane which apparently does not suit them."  Max Ernst

"My art embraces who I am, there is always more than you see.

My work is a true reflection of my life, as I have never been

one to stay within the lines."

Karen Koegel, Mixed Media, Abstract and Collage Artist

“I am interested in preserving the memory of the first, ‘raw version’ of an event, before the process of memory takes over and reshapes, even deforms the actual event over the years.”

Laslo Antal, Hungarian-Serbian visual artist, designer, filmmaker and musician

“Collage is the cut, the tear, the rupture and the overlay of our contemporary culture. It is the hybrid language of urbanity—remixed, re-contextualized, and wholly built from the fragments of daily life.”

Pavel Zoubok, the curator of our spring portfolio, opened his first gallery space in New York in 1997.  It remains the only gallery in New York devoted exclusively to collage.

"To make things make sense, I have to make things up."

Wangechi Mutu, scrutinizes globalization by combining found materials, magazine cutouts, sculpture, and painted imagery.


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